Giving Back

The "Gratitude Boards" were inspired by my desire to give back.

I have been fortunate in my life to be surrounded by wonderful generous people.  People like you.  People who care and give of themselves. 

As my family and I were struggling with a chronic illness, I had been humbled beyond words by the incredible generosity that had poured forth from people around us.   Family, friends and those I had never met.  Without my knowledge, a friend established a blog to raise money for treatment.   As my illness had cost a great deal, treatment funds were running extremely low.  I am still moved to intense emotion when I think about the tremendous unquestioning support that we have received. 

Even though I am still struggling with my health, I would like to begin giving back.  As a woodworker, I have always made cutting boards for gifts and for sales.  

The "Gratitude Board" is a new simple design, one that embodies my gratitude for all that has been given to me and my family.  I make each board by hand from "drops" or scraps of wood left over from other projects.  As I make them, I am grateful for the gift of beauty from the trees that provide my raw material, I am grateful for my ability to work and create and I am grateful for the use that these boards will provide to others preparing meals for their families.  

As I make them, I am grateful for how they make me feel. When I sell them, I am grateful for the compliments, the appreciation of the craft and materials, the happiness that my simple product can illicit, and for the knowledge that I am able to help others in need with a small but continuing stream of financial donations. 

My boards are gifts of gratitude and should be given to either yourself or others with this in mind; gift of gratitude. 

To give back, %5  from the sale of every "Gratitude Board" will be donated to different charities.  A list of charities receiving donations is below, and I will always consider suggestions.

ILADS, The International Lyme and Associated Disease Society.

Habitat for Humanity.

Delivering Hope 

Dana Farber

The Field

Thank you for reading...

Peter Zuerner