Dear Peter, 

Happy birthday to our beautifultable!! It was on April 19th, 2002 that we met you at the Philadelphia show and made a purchase that changed our lives! Your beautiful table has been a daily part of our lives for 8 years now. It has seen one grandchild go from babyhood to a ten-year old, the birth of 4 more grandchildren, and the celebration of many, many family dinners and holiday celebrations. Rowland and I are grateful for your beautiful creation which has become a focal point of our family life. We hope your are well and continuing to create your beautiful functional furniture. 

With warm regards,

Mary Lynn and Rowland 

P.S. I almost forgot to mention ...your handsome cutting board.


I use my cutting board like this every day! Everyone should have one. Beauty and function together--perfect design. Thanks Zuerner Design!



Peter - 

I received the cutting board. Thank you for a great product and fast delivery. The quality of the products is far superior to those at chain retail stores. Contemplating buying another one.



Hi Peter,
I was just given a gratitude board with a handel and I just LOVE it! It seems to have a little magic in it. I spent the weekend cooking up a storm and loved having it be part of my process.
Just a quick note of thanks. I bought my board today at the farmers market and it's even more beautiful sitting on my counter as I cook tonight. Thanks so much and I will recommend this to as many people as I can think of.
Hi Peter,
I received the carving board yesterday and it is a beautiful piece of work. Thank you ever so much for making them. It will be a family treasure.
We received one of your beautiful cutting boards for our wedding last year. It sits on my kitchen counter and I use it, and LOVE it every day! I just ordered (from your website) a board for my cousin's wedding present. 



I am SO happy with my Gratitude Boards! Just spent and hour lovingly wrapping them in burlap and pretty ribbons! Thank you SOOOO much!

Love Judy :)


Gorgeous! My husband flipped out. It's so much nicer than any other board out there and the extra wide through to catch juices is perfect.